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A plea for tents as international response receives scathing review

As the international response to the January 12 earthquake prepares to enter its third week, government and NGO organizations are focused on finding temporary shelter for roughly a million people who are now homeless. Read more…


As desperation grows, U.S. officials change strategy

Six days after the earthquake, UN officials say food and water aid has reached less than 75,000 of those left homeless by the earthquake.  (EU officials now estimate the number of homeless at 1.5 million, plus more that have homes but are afraid to live in them.) Many of those who were rescued from the rubble are now at death’s door due to infections and a severe shortage of antibiotics and surgical equipment. (The EU estimates 250,000 people were injured.)  Outside the capital, relief has been almost non-existent.

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UN estimates 300,000 homeless in Haiti

An estimated three million people were affected by last Tuesday’s earthquake, of which roughly 300,000 are now homeless, United Nations officials say.  The death toll from Haiti’s earthquake could reach 200,000 and, already,  70,000 have been buried in mass graves. A total of 62 people have been retrieved from the rubble by international search and rescue teams.

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