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Explanations change, but red tape endures

Just when it seemed that the last obstacle to medical evacuations had cleared, a new obstacle has emerged.  After ten Americans were arrested trying to take children out of Haiti, private evacuations of injured Haitian children to the U.S. for life-saving care have again slowed to a crawl.  Without certain paperwork in hand, “Aid workers, doctors and government officials are worried about being accused of kidnapping,” reports the New York Times.  American Customs officials reportedly have failed to give pilots required forms prior to take off. Read more…


Officials now blame Super Bowl for freeze on medical airlifts

Last Wednesday, the government put a freeze on medical evacuations of Haitians to hospitals in the U.S. for critical care.  Since then, Florida and federal officials have offered conflicting explanations for the freeze, which came after Florida Governor Charlie Crist sent a letter to HHS requesting reimbursement for the cost of Haitian medical care. Crist says his letter was misinterpreted. Still, two Haitians on the evacuation list died waiting for help that never arrived.

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As Haitians lay dying, US officials quarreled over medical care

Five days ago, airlifts that previously evacuated Haitian patients to the U.S. for sophisticated medical care were halted, reportedly because a dispute erupted over payment for the care. Late yesterday (Sunday) the US government announced that the freeze on medical evacuations had been lifted. Read more…

Air and sea access improves, hospital ship receives patients

Transportation bottlenecks are starting to clear after Thursday’s opening of three additional airfields, one in Jacmel and two in the Dominican Republic,  and restoration of limited port traffic at the south pier in Port-au-Prince.  The new access points should help lessen the backlog of 1400 flights waiting for landing slots.

Additional steps to speed up the flow of aid from outside the country included recruiting aid officials to help air controllers decide which flights have landing priority and implementing a new web-based system that allows aid groups to monitor flight cargo and scheduled landings.

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