Haiti 2010 Earthquake Response


Volunteer Mapping Groups

Maps & Imagery

NGA’s online GIS map viewer

Ushahidi’s crowdsourced map provides disaster and relief information submitted by individuals in the disaster area, typically via text message.

Google’s map of Haiti with road, satellite and topography options (on Washington Post website), includes locations mentioned in the news (for example the Hotel Montana) mentioned in news.

OpenStreetMap offers a “free editable map of the whole world.”  Help and wiki available here.

GeoEye’s satellite image of Port-au-Prince shows the city one day after the earthquake.

Map and simulation of the Haiti earthquake (MSNBC)

Map and illustration of Haiti earthquake (Washington Post)

Washington Post map/graphics of port damage in Port-au-Prince

The U.S. Army Geospatial Center has a variety of scanned paper maps (in English and French) with geology, gas stations, hotels, ecology, hydrogeology, political and more.

United Nations/UNOSAT Maps

UNOSAT provides detailed and periodically updated damage maps that are very helpful for following relief efforts.  The latest version is available in two file sizes:


United Nations/OCHA Maps

  • January 21 map with summarized damage to earthquake affected areas (PDF, 360 KB)
  • ReliefWeb has the disaster map produced by the United Nations OCHA (in pdf and jpeg formats) plus a treasure trove of other maps in its Map Center.  They include a highly-detailed MINUSTAH map of Port-au-Prince showing streets (ranked by capacity) and the locations of gas stations, hotels, prisons, embassies, hospitals, fire stations and other key sites.


USAID issues maps showing key facilities, roads, population centers and debris extent.


The Army Geospatial Center page includes External Links to urban search and rescue map books. (Note:  These are very large pdf files)

MapAction Maps and Guides

MapAction (United Kingdom) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a trained team of volunteers who provide mapping/GIS support during emergencies.  MapAction partners with UN OCHA, UNOSAT, the RESPOND consortium, and the UK Government Department for International Development (DFID).

Maps created during MapAction’s deployment to Haiti (Jan. 13 to present) are listed here.  They include maps (in both .jpeg and .pdf formats) of areas beyond Port-au-Prince and Leogane.  Maps are accompanied by helpful descriptions describing provenance and other details.

MapAction also provides guides that specifically address mapping humanitarian emergencies.

DisasterCharter.org Maps

Geospatial Data

Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal

Haiti Earthquake Data lists free GIS datasets and online resources related to the earthquake.

Georgia Tech – download the Google Earth Haiti layer.

NGA-Earth.org, “a Geoint Online Community,” brought to you by the National Geospatial-intelligence Agency

ONE RESPONSE , a collaborative inter-agency website for humanitarian coordination, offers datasets for download, including building damage, points of interest, and more.  Maps and reports on the Haiti response are available here.

DeLorme is making available for Haiti relief efforts “a custom dataset utilizing the GPS-accurate DeLorme World Base Map along with aerial imagery, all of which can be displayed within the company’s XMap software and on Earthmate PN-Series handheld GPS units.”  “The DeLorme map data provides GPS-accurate transportation infrastructure down to the street level, as well as accurate coastline and hydrographic details. Used in tandem with DeLorme PN-Series GPS and XMap software, search-and-rescue responders will have an invaluable tool on the ground.”

CartONG, a French registered non-profit, offers geospatial data for Haiti radio stations in Google Earth format (kml)


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