Haiti 2010 Earthquake Response

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How good, really, was the international response?

Above, Haitians seek cover under bedsheets and tarps.  Photo by Oxfam [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Over the weekend, drenching rains arrived in Haiti ahead of the expected start of the spring rainy season. But, only 30 percent of the million or so left homeless by the January 12 earthquake have received promised tarps or tents to provide even the most minimal protection from expected torrents. Read more…


New map shows building damage across Haiti

The United Nations has issued an updated map of building damage resulting from the January 12 earthquake. The map (2.1 MB pdf), which covers Port-au-Prince and Carrefour, is one of many maps available from UNOSAT, the UN Operational Satellite Applications Program. Read more…

Vulnerable nursing home residents to get long-term relief

The early stories out of Port-au-Prince reported elderly nursing home patients lying on the ground, bereft of medical care, food, water and sanitation.  Heart-breaking videos revealed appalling conditions.  In one, an elderly women wept.   Read more…

Rescue teams find survivor in rubble of produce shop

Word had hardly gotten around that the search and rescue phase was now “over,” per a U.N. announcement, when rescuers found another survivor underneath a collapsed fruit and vegetable shop.  (WaPo/AP article, 3:40 pm). Rescuers are still trying to extract the 23-year-old man.  But, after examination by a doctor, he appears to be in good health (a good argument perhaps for vegetarian diets).

Read more…

Search and rescue phase officially ends

In a January 22 situation report, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that 111,481 deaths have been confirmed in four departments (South East, West, Nippes and West), although that number is “preliminary.” Approximately 609,000 people in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area lack shelter.  (These figures are from the Government of Haiti and, notably, cover only a portion of the area and population potentially affected by the earthquake.)

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