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People of Haiti left out of recovery planning process

One would expect that the United States, which proclaims itself a friend of democracy everywhere, would insist that the world community give the Haitian people a voice in the development of post-earthquake recovery plans.  Instead, the planning process has been exclusive, with input confined to a handful of wealthy and powerful Haitians and international aid organizations. Read more…


President Obama meets with President Rene Preval

In a press conference at the White House today, U.S. President Barack Obama and Haiti’s president, Rene Preval, thanked the volunteers, troops and donors who responded to the January 12 earthquake.  But, more needs to be done, said Obama, to prevent a second disaster in the form of spring rains that threaten Haiti’s 1.3 million homeless.

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What Haiti needs for a successful recovery

In recent discussions of plans for Haiti’s post-earthquake recovery, a critical element has been missing:  participation by the primary stakeholders, the Haitian people.  Monika Kalra Varma, director of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, and Loune Viaud, director of strategic planning and operations at Zanmi Lasante/Partners in Health in Haiti, say the fact that Haitians have never had a seat at the table explains why past and present aid efforts have seldom been successful. Read more…

Haiti is a “house of cards that we built,” says Bill Clinton

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