Haiti 2010 Earthquake Response

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Haitian experience a study in disaster resilience

In an op-ed for the Miami Herald, Vinod Thomas, Director-General of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group, offers life-saving advice to other nations:  Make critical installations and relief networks disaster -resistant.

In Haiti, Chile and elsewhere before, potable water could not be provided to victims in reasonable time, and emergency medical facilities dropped off-line just when needed most. The ability to take early action in critical care also has a cascading impact on the whole recovery process. Had basic connectivity to emergency medical care and water, for example, continued in Haiti and Chile (or in other previous catastrophes), reconstruction would have been that much easier. Read more…


U.N. troops ignored cries for help

Cries for help from people digging for survivors in collapsed buildings were drowned out by the roar of heavy-duty engines as the [U.N.] troops plowed through Port-au-Prince without stopping to join rescue efforts, much less lead them.

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