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President Obama meets with President Rene Preval

In a press conference at the White House today, U.S. President Barack Obama and Haiti’s president, Rene Preval, thanked the volunteers, troops and donors who responded to the January 12 earthquake.  But, more needs to be done, said Obama, to prevent a second disaster in the form of spring rains that threaten Haiti’s 1.3 million homeless.

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Strong 6.1 aftershock rocks Haiti

On Wednesday morning, at 6:03:44 local time, a 6.1 earthquake struck Haiti, about 35 miles WSW of Port-au-Prince (USGS).  Chunks of concrete fell in Canopevert, briefly burying a man who was promptly rescued [Miami Herald].

“U.S. soldiers and tent city refugees alike raced for open ground, and clouds of dust rose in the capital,” reported AP.

Almost immediately, Twitter went offline for about half an hour.  The relationship between the Twitter outage and the tremor is not yet clear.

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