Haiti 2010 Earthquake Response

Media coverage of Haiti begins to wind down

Media coverage of the earthquake disaster has begun returning to near pre-earthquake levels.  No longer is Haiti splashed across internet web pages nor are newscasters rolling video of the destruction day and night.  After two weeks of intense public scrutiny, Haiti will now become part of the background noise of mainstream news.  With so many urgent issues clamoring for attention, this is to be expected.

But, here, the Haiti coverage will continue unchanged.  As the long recovery progresses, I will continue collecting information from citizens and traditional media, hunting down maps and government reports; and, soon, offering analyses and recommendations for improving response to the next major disaster.  If any of you have information or insights to share, whether based on professional expertise or personal observation, I hope you will share it.  What happened in Haiti was extraordinary.  And, somehow, we must make certain that nothing like it ever happens again.

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