Haiti 2010 Earthquake Response

Rescue teams find survivor in rubble of produce shop

Word had hardly gotten around that the search and rescue phase was now “over,” per a U.N. announcement, when rescuers found another survivor underneath a collapsed fruit and vegetable shop.  (WaPo/AP article, 3:40 pm). Rescuers are still trying to extract the 23-year-old man.  But, after examination by a doctor, he appears to be in good health (a good argument perhaps for vegetarian diets).

Notwithstanding the official position that further search and rescue would likely be futile, “dozens of teams continue to pick through the rubble.”

UPDATE (8 pm) The man, a Haitian named Wismond Exantus, has been been pulled from the ruins of the grocery, on the ground floor of the Hotel Napoli, and taken to a hospital. He appears to be doing well – although not from a vegetarian diet.

Exantus, who is in his 20s, said he survived initially by diving under a desk when the rubble started to fall around him. Trapped in such a small space, he had lie on his back the entire time and survived by drinking cola, beer and cookies.

Earlier in the day, a report of someone alive at that location had been sent to the Crisis Map/Ushahidi team, demonstrating the usefulness of a GIS mapping operation that interfaces with cellphone users.

[Note:  The WaPo article to which I linked in my original post has been rewritten.]

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